About me

My name is Jonathan Mercier-Ganady, also (little) known as 'Jmgr' on the Internet.

I'm a computer science doctor/engineer from France. I work at Artefacto since 2015. In my free time I also develop tools and small games.

On this site you will find many programs that I have made during the last ten years, but also some that I still maintain and develop. Most of these programs are freeware and not free software because the source code is so ugly that I cannot show it to anyone. You now, if it has been hard to code it should be hard to read.

Many of the programs on this site have been coded in my early programming ages, so they are not always translated in english or given with documentation. But they should not crash your computer nor harm your favorite pet.

I'm a convinced free software fan and all my new projects are now free.